Body Battles

Body Battles

Body Battles
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Experience how the immune system works for yourself!

Body Battles is a perfect example of the synergy between education and entertainment. The over-the-top interactive exhibit at Nashville’s Adventure Science Center, with its dark ride-style interactive technology and animatronics is, by any measure, a hit.  The theme of the game is the battle between our bodies and the illnesses and infections that attack them. Two groups—the pathogen team and the lymphocyte team—compete for dominance, like the good guys and the bad guys in a dark ride. A far cry from the dry, static museum exhibits of old, Body Battles was described by The Tennessean as “outrageously interactive” and was greeted with squeals of delight and screams of excitement from children (and some adults) who attended the unveiling in 2004. We adapted he same technologies developed for our interactive dark rides into this museum project. The black light game features laser guns, scoring consoles, cartoon-style characters and lots of bells and whistles. Body Battles is a funky, colorful, barrel of fun and, yes, educational.

Design provided by Bruce D. Robinson Design Group




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