Dark Ride Attractions

Turn-key attractions

Attraction Design

Our creative team works closely with clients and brand managers to conceptualize the complete attraction design. From story writing, animatronics, media, special effects and every detail in between, our innovative designers create solutions for success.


Mechanical Animation

Our 40,000 sq. ft. office doubles as a shop for our production team providing efficient communication, approvals and timeliness. Our durable, custom builds ensure you a long-lasting, quality product.


Scenic Artistry

Realistic sets are a fundamental part of immersing riders in a believable story line. From black light UV paintings to textured props, our scenic painters go above and beyond to create a visually stunning and 
seamless final product.

Scenic Artistry Attrctions

Ride Systems

Our experience in the industry has led us to partner with the world's top ride system providers. We offer a variety of vehicles to fit your capacity needs. Each vehicle has a specific design to fit the corresponding theme.

Dark Ride System Attraction

Interactive Game Systems

Electronic technicians create unique blasters and targeting systems that sync to the ride, creating a unique gaming experience. Both standard and custom build options are available.

Interactive Game Systems Attraction


Animatronics are technologically fascinating, engaging guests with their lifelike appearances and self-powered movements. Soundtrack and voice-over are used to make each animatronic unique. They can also be customized to fit any theme

Aniatronics Attraction

Special FX

From interactive fog screens, to Pepper’s Ghost - we’ve got tricks up our sleeves to enhance your attraction and impress your audience.

Special FX Attraction

Soundtrack Production

Music is everything. Our hours in the studio will breathe life into your animatronic or give your ride a catchy tune. We customize soundtracks to deliver your message and immerse your riders.

Soundtrack Production Attractios

Media Integration

Incorporating large silver screens into an attraction, takes it from a classic to a mixed media dark ride. 3D animations give your ride that extra dimension thrill seekers are looking for, and creates a wider target gamut for competitive riders.

Media Integratoin Attraction


Our project managers are on site with the entire crew to ensure all moving parts come together seamlessly.

Installation Dark Ride Attraction