Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson

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The Lyndon B. Johnson animatronic currently resides in the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin Texas, where he has been regaling visitors with his homespun humor and tales of life on the world stage since 1998.

LBJ was originally created for the flagship Neiman Marcus store in Dallas–where he was the main attraction during the company's 90th anniversary celebration. There he was seated in a pick-up truck, with a ranch as the scenic backdrop.

Following the celebration, Neiman Marcus donated the figure to the LBJ Presidential Library. He was returned to Sally so we could retrofit him into a standing position. Once in Austin, he quickly became a "must see" attraction, leaning on a whitewashed corral fence, providing excerpts of famous speeches.

In 2012, the museum was ready for another change. LBJ returned to Sally again for more modifications. This time he received additional arm/shoulder motions, was positioned standing at a lectern, and left wearing a formal business suit instead of the checked shirt, khakis and cowboy hat he'd worn for over fifteen years. His new look landed him on the front page coverage on the Wall Street Journal!




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