Jagadguru and Musicians

Jagadguru and Musicians

Jagadguru and musicians
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Fall 2012: Beloved Spiritual Masters and His Followers Unveiled!

The master and four swamis, who chant and play traditional Indian musical instruments, were unveiled at Shyama Shyam Dham, in Vrindavan- one of the most important pilgrimage sites in India for devotees of Radha Krishna. A magnificent setting at Prem Mandir, The Temple of Divine Love, was created for this presentation.

The Temple which opened in early 2012, is an elaborately ornamented white marble wonder, hand carved by hundreds of temple artisans. The beloved master, revered for his tireless work for the welfare of humanity for over sixty years, is also noted for his remarkable ability to create mesmerizing kirtans (verses revealing the divine truths of Radha Krishna) which are chanted to the accompaniment of musical instruments. The animatronic Jagadguru Shree Kirpalu Ji Maharaj and the four musicians, preform the kirtans for the millions of visiting devotees.



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