About Sally Corporation

Sally Corp Building

Established in 1977, Sally Corporation, “The Dark Ride Specialists” is known for its dark rides (both traditional and interactive and black light), and its human, animal and cartoon animatronic characters and shows.  Dark rides have long been a classic form of theme park entertainment but Sally reinvented the tradition with extremely successful interactive ride/game adventures–making them affordable, flexible and operator-friendly.  Discover the fun, fantasy and excitement in our interactive, classic, and haunted dark ride adventures.

Creating memorable experiences for the entire family, we take the traditional dark ride art form to new levels.  Fully developed storylines, multiple interactive elements and exciting special effects – combined with colorful animated characters, outstanding soundtracks and lighting – bring visitors back time and time again.

The world’s most experienced dark ride company, we strive to exceed customer expectations through innovative design, meticulous attention to every production and installation detail, and dedicated on-going customer support. serves amusement parks, attractions, museums and retail clients worldwide

Whether you select a standard ride package or a complete custom design, we bring you talent, creative vision, knowledge and commitment you can count on to meld art and technology into a star attraction.