Angkor at PortAventura
SallyCorp | Orangutan King

  On April 11th, PortAventura opened its newest attraction for the 2014 season, AngkorAngkor is a family attraction where you encounter a land full of animals, exotic vegetation, and historic temples adventure you just cannot miss!  The interactive boat ride from Mack was inspired by the great Temple of Angkor, considered the largest religious structure ever built and one of the greatest archaeological treasures in the world. Sally Corporation provided numerous animatronics for the ride, including a ferocious tiger, large water-spitting pythons, and a monkey king that waves to passersby.   The park's press release describes the trip on the new ride: "visitors will board rafts equipped with water guns to take on the dangers they will face in the jungle ahead.  Their journey will take them through different areas full of surprises and interactive challenges: mysterious villages, snakes that rise from the river, tigers hidden in caves, monkeys that inhabit ruined temples and magnificent stone elephants.  Passengers can shoot at them with their water jets, or even take aim at other boats and onlookers.  The attraction offers families the opportunity to share an experience suitable for all ages, combining adventure and fun in a refreshing environment."

SallyCorp | Python

In the first part of the journey, a tiger is in charge of protecting the temple from all the brave people who have decided to embark on this new adventure. Only when you are in front of him will you know if you are brave enough to shoot the water gun and wake him up or go quietly without disturbing him...

SallyCorp | Tiger

Humor played a part in additional Sally-animated gags, like a water-spitting fish and an unexpected surprise from a man in an outhouse.

SallyCorp | Lifelike Animatronics

This new adventure will transport you to a typical village where you can interact with characters to make them move.  Shoot the indicated spots with your water pistol and you will surely be surprised with the outcome!


In the video below, produced by PortAventura Fans, you get a sense of what it's like to be an Angkor rider and see a few of the animatronics Sally produced for this water-filled adventure.