Warner Bros Movie World - Justice League

Creating a blockbuster dark ride such as Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D requires great commitment, talent and skill, all of which were at work all year long as this incredibly complex and exciting new ride took shape. The logistics alone were staggering, as in addition to the huge amount of work being done in-house, we were also working with an outside team that included Threshold Animation Studios, Alterface, Techni-lux, RealD, Bertazzon, Wyatt Design Group and Sculpt Studios (Australia), among others.

One of the most interesting things to watch on the shop floor was the creation of the magnificent Cyborg: From the sculpting to the molding, the experiments with chroming and mechanical elements to the art finish and programming, it was an education.

Creation of Cyborg

Kudos especially to animatronics specialist John Salsbury who dedicated his full attention to Cyborg for months on end. Kudos also to Senior Designer Rich Hill, who was the lead designer for this Justice League ride: Rich participated in and watched over every aspect of the project from the initial design phase to the final installation touches, and was in Australia to celebrate the successful opening last September.


 See the complete Justice League : Alien Invasion 3D dark ride video here!