Ahoy There Mateys!

A recent discovery under Cannery Row has been unearthed, and soon, everyone will have their chance to explore.  Legend, myth, curiosity, and adventure – years in the making – have come together to debut Monterey’s newest entertainment destination, Treasure Hunt: The Ride. The first-of-its-kind, standalone attraction will open this spring inviting families and friends to take part in a journey that’s part adventure, part competition, and all about fun.

Sally Dark Rides, the leading creator of family ride experiences, and internationally recognized theme fabrication experts, Daniels Wood Land, have joined together to bring Treasure Hunt: The Ride to life. Through storytelling, creativity, and craftsmanship, the companies developed the all-new dark ride experience that draws inspiration from Monterey’s true pirate history while weaving an original tale. Now part of Cannery Row’s famous tourist site, Treasure Hunt brings something new and fun to the millions of visitors who come to Monterey, California each year.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride is a pirate-themed, interactive adventure that will transport guests through “newly discovered caverns” located beneath Cannery Row. Guests learn the legend of the notorious pirate Captain Hippolyte Bouchard and his pirate crew who are said to have hidden their treasure in the caverns. By using onboard interactive “Treasure Collector” devices, guests will engage in interactive gameplay and become active participants in the next chapter of the pirate tale. While defending themselves from the ghost of Captain Bouchard, his skeleton crew and other creatures skulking in the caverns, guests also collect the pirates’ hidden booty, competing for a vast treasure collection of their own.

Throughout the journey aboard unique “Cavern Cars” guests are immersed in a richly themed environment with special effects including sounds, scents, light mist, themed lighting, incredible hand-crafted set pieces and realistic animatronics. Pirates, sea monsters, glimmering gold coins and priceless treasure are around every corner. Treasure Hunt: The Ride’s broad appeal will welcome families, thrill-seekers, and anyone who enjoys spirited competition.

“We are really excited to debut Treasure Hunt: The Ride later this spring,” shared Rolf Paegert, CEO, Sally Dark Rides, “This project unites Daniels Wood Land and Sally Dark Rides for the first time, bringing together our shared passion for storytelling and building immersive, interactive environments that entertain guests of all ages. Once the idea to partner together began, the need for the right location arose. Cannery Row provided the perfect opportunity to develop an original, world-class dark ride experience outside of a theme park. Treasure Hunt seamlessly fits in with its historic location beside Monterey Bay, while simultaneously bringing something altogether new to the area.”

“Cannery Row is an incredible destination, and it provides the perfect setting for us to weave a new story about a legendary pirate captain, hidden treasure, spooky caverns, a mythical kraken and even the rising tide of the Bay,” added Ron Daniels, president, Daniels Wood Land. “The entire Daniels Wood Land crew has passionately partnered with the innovative Sally Dark Rides team to bring this pirate journey to life.”

“Artisans have been working around the clock to craft the perfect environment for the experience,” he added. “Wooden planks, cave walls, stalactites, skeleton bones, canons, treasure chests and countless gold coins have been strategically placed. The track is completed, and the ride vehicles are exploring the twists and turns. Thematic lighting is complete and we are well on our way to soon welcome our first guests!”  

Treasure Hunt: The Ride’s website is live at TreasureHuntRide.com. Excited adventure seekers can receive the latest news and opening details by registering online or emailing Info@TreasureHuntRide.com.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride is located at 700 Cannery Row in Monterey, California. The attraction will open this spring. For more details, click here.