2014 was a BIG year for Sally at IAAPA!
Photos by Brian Pepper for IAAPA & Fun World Magazine 2014

By the second hour of the nearly week-long trade show,  the halls were buzzing with excitement!

Weeks before the trade show, invitations to a SallyCorp + Six Flags event were delivered to a "lucky" few.  Wrapped in green and purple-torn wrapping paper and laced with a heaping amount of confetti - this personalized invitation was from The Joker!  Natually, the invite made a lot of "chatter" on social media, which made for a HUGE crowd on the IAAPA show floor.


All eyes were on Sally Corp CEO, John Wood as he revealed the "most anticipated announcement at the show".


He had something big to reveal....

3.1 The Joker.photo cred

Sally showcased new components of the Justice League : Battle For Metropolis interactive dark rides headed for Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Over Texas in 2015.  After a brief summary of the storyline which features members of the Justice League in a fight to save Metropolis, Sally revealed for the first time, one of the ride’s star animatronic figures, the evil villain – The Joker.

After a short walk down the exhibit hall, the Sally press conference continued as a two-part announcement, an IAAPA first.

SallyCorp + Oceaneering IAAPA 2014 Press Conference

Sally, in conjunction with Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, unveiled the new, custom ride vehicle that will be used in the Six Flags Justice League: Battle For Metropolis attractions. “By incorporating the dynamic ride system created by Oceaneering, along with massive 3D screens, highly detailed scenery, and interactive game play, we can achieve the next generation of interactive thrills,” said John Wood, CEO of Sally Corporation.

Photo Compliments of : Inside The Magic

The six-passenger, multi DOF motion-based ride vehicle (two rows of three) was custom designed by Sally and will feature 6 interactive blasters per vehicle and is capable of continuous 360 rotation.

The press conference was a success and everyone was excited to get to work!

Sally Corporation | Dave Mauck, Tom Iven, John Wood

From right to left : John Wood of Sally Corporation, Tom Iven of Six Flags, and Dave Mauck of Oceaneering.

Back at the Sally booth,  there were other sites to behold...

Sally Corporation | Zombie Apocalypse

Introducing, Zombie Apocalypse, the ride!  Including this scary animatronic zombie!

Sally displayed another animatronic figure, one of Dr. Morphio - an American scientist who specialized in the nature of human subconscious and the nature of dreams. 

Sally Corp | House of Nightmares for Grona Lund

Specially designed for Gröna Lund, this one-of-a-kind walk through attraction will feature animatronic characters and props, CGI video effects, live wire illumination, video projection, Pepper’s Ghost illusions, ultraviolet illumination, and live performers.

Another new concept Sally brought to the show was that of the Forbidden Island.

SallyCorp | Forbidden Island IAAPA 2014

This amazing interactive adventure sends visitors on an unparalleled journey to a mysterious, uncharted volcanic island: the domain of Volcanikus, the legendary and feared Lord of Fire.

On the opposite side of the booth, a detailed model of Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D.

SallyCorp | Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D

And of course, Cyborg was there to keep on eye on his nemesis, The Joker.

Sally Corporation | Cyborg

Who was of course, up to no good...

It may have been the prankster that brought us luck but, we were still very honored to receive IAAPA's prestigious Brass Ring Award.

Sally Corp | 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winner

And look who came to congratulate us, the IAAPA Board of Directors!

SallyCorp | IAAPA Board of Directors visits the  booth

From left to right : Paul Noland, John Wood, Gerardo Arteaga Cerda, Mario Mamon, and John McReynolds.

SallyCorp | Sally representatives at IAAPA 2014

From left to right : Rich Hill, John Wood, John Tedder, Lauren Wood Weaver, Greg Eccles, Donna Gentry, Drew Hunter, and Fitz Otis, of Sally Corporation.

For those of you not familiar with the IAAPA trade show, it's a pretty big deal.  This video gives you a little idea of what it's like.