The IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 broke all records as an all-time high 35,100 attractions industry professionals gathered in Orlando to experience the future of the industry across the largest trade show floor in the event’s 98-year history. More than 22,600 buyers, including attractions industry owners, presidents, general managers, directors, and managers joined creative innovators throughout the week to announce new products, test the latest technologies, discuss trends and hot topics, taste new food and beverage options, and learn from leading experts. Sally Corporation had a major presence at the show displaying brand new products and showcasing new dark ride attractions already underway for 2017. Five Nights At Freddy's - The Ride! was presented as a brand new dark ride concept and had fans of the video game screaming.  The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival dark ride concept gained interest and stares from many on the show floor.  SallyCorp also gave a glimpse inside Casper's Birthday Blast, an interactive dark ride set for MAPS in Malaysia and, The Joker from JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis couldn't be missed as he blasted passers-by with "laughing gas".


With the grandeur of the filled IAAPA halls, it's hard to believe that it all comes together in just a few days.   Just 5 days prior to the show starting, the convention center was a blank pallet and the Sally Corporation install crew was just arriving to get set up.


It takes all hands on deck to get the SallyCorp booth installed.


But, by Tuesday morning, we're ready for the show!


This year, we had something new and exciting to present to the IAAPA market place... Five Nights At Freddy's - The Ride!

SallyCorp | FNAF

This interactive dark ride is designed to be a real-time, multi-player version of the wildly popular video game, “Five Nights at Freddy’s”.  This indoor ride-game mixes animatronics, large scale video projection, practical special effects, and immersive sets and scenery.  Fans will feel as if they have stepped inside a life-size version of their favorite game.

Once people saw a figure peeking behind that stage curtain, they couldn't help but to take a closer look... but since the game revolves around constant jump scares, we followed suit.  People would get a surprise air blast and hear a loud scream when they got close to Foxy.


Fans of the game (there are MILLIONS), were having a hay-day with the news of a possible Five Nights At Freddy's dark ride and took to Twitter.


And, they were right.  The kids were LOVING Sally's FNAF display!


Some even walked away with a souvenir.

SallyCorp | FNAF kid

Foxy wasn't the only thing at the Sally booth providing scares.  The Joker was front and center blasting people with laughing gas.  "Come play with me... it'll be FUN!"


In Spring of 2017, Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Great Adventure will become the next Six Flags parks to receive the 4D interactive thrill ride, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis.  The interactive dark ride was designed and built by Sally Corporation in conjunction with DC Comics and Warner Bros., and won IAAPA’s Best New Product Brass Ring Award, and the coveted Impact Award in 2015. The ride features state-of-the-art technology, high-tech video graphics, and a full-sensory gaming experience.

  Six Flags Magic Mountain’s version of the ride will take the world’s


most innovative gaming attraction to a whole new level with JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis — Ride. Play. Triumph. The “next generation” of the award-winning SallyCorp ride will now feature a spectacular new finale, new game targets and the introduction of one of DC’s hottest Super-Villains, Harley Quinn.      

Sally brought another new dark ride concept to show off - The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival.


This immersive dark ride is a thrilling adventure based on the highest-rated television series in cable history, AMC’s, “The Walking Dead”.


As expected, Sally's animatronic "walker" got lots of attention.  Throughout the week, hundreds of people came to stare, take pictures, "selfies", or even mimic the zombie-like robot.


Sally’s design features award-winning dark ride components including real-time interactivity, motion-based ride vehicles, highly immersive theming, 3D media-based scenes and 4D special effects including real fire, wind, and fog.  Guests are absorbed into a post-apocalyptic landscape, making them feel as though the living dead is a reality and extinction of the human race is just around the next corner.  Will they survive or.. will they become dinner??

And lastly, Sally gave a glimpse inside Casper's Birthday Blast, an interactive dark ride set for MAPS in Malaysia.  


In Casper’s Birthday Blast, park guests will board 4-passenger vehicles that will take them on a journey through Casper’s spooky mansion. The interactive dark ride is scheduled to open in 2017 and is sure to be fun for the whole family!

As you can see, the SallyCorp booth was jam-packed this year!  With exciting new products and rides to show off, the week was filled with great conversation and, a quite a few jump-scares!  It was definitely one to go down in the books.

And if we're speaking about historical moments, we can't leave out our CEO John Wood being awarded IAAPA's Lifetime Service Award.


The IAAPA Service Awards honor members who excel in performing services for the association and the industry and are dedicated to its well-being. Without these individuals, we would not be where we are today—a thriving global industry, proud of its rich history, and excited about its future.

Wow, what a great show it was!  'Til next year IAAPA!