An exceptional team member, the multi-talented Animation Fabricator, Grant Hamilton is leaving Sally Dark Rides after 16 years. Before he leaves for Maryland with his family, we had to pay a tribute - one that recognizes his dedication, hard work, craftsmanship and many laughs that have contributed to Sally's success.

A Man of Many Talents

Grant’s talents go beyond his role as an Animation Fabricator, manufacturing complex mechanisms. He also excels as a visual artist, carpenter, and seamster making him an essential member of our team. During his time at Sally, his speedy problem-solving skills spanned across departments. He was always willing to go above and beyond to help others - even if it meant shaking down a vending machine from time to time 😆. Sally employees compliment Grant for exceptional craftsmanship, dedication to each project, and genuine kindness.

Memories with the Team

In case you were not aware, the shop team at Sally is notorious for harmless tomfoolery. "That one time we convinced Lance to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and jump out of Harold's giant birthday cake... yeah, that has to be my favorite memory," says Grant. We'll spare you the footage.

“I remember once during the Justice League era, we were messing around with the idea of who had the best legs,” recalls Animation Supervisor, John Salsbury. We think the photo speaks for itself.

Grant had more to contribute to the Sally team than his sense of humor. He is easy going and gets along with everyone. Todd Gillrup, VP or Operations, commented on working with Grant saying, “I will miss his passionate approach towards fabricating animatronics and his ingenious ideas to create magic!”

Of all the places he's visited over the years on install, including Australia, Korea, Hawaii, Malaysia, Canada, China, England, Sweden and Spain - Grant says he'll miss Jacksonville the most, because of Sally and everyone he's worked with over the years.

From the entire team at Sally, we will miss you dearly Grant! We wish you the best of luck in your future adventures!