OWA partners with Sally on park’s first dark ride

The Park at OWA reveals ride manufacturer of new 2019 ride

Just last week The Park at OWA announced that they will be adding a dark ride to their 2019 lineup, a first for the park. To garner intrigue, they teased with blurred photos and initiated an online naming contest for what they describe as a “new frightfully fun attraction”. While the name of the ride is still to be released, it is confirmed to be a Sally dark ride.

“We knew we wanted an indoor attraction, something engaging and fun for families. When we decided on an interactive dark ride, there was no better choice than the specialists at Sally,” said Director of OWA Marketing/PR, Kristin Hellmich. “Of course we want quality, something that will stand the test of time, but what we’re really after is having park guests leave with a memory that they will want to relive, time and time again. And that’s what you get with a Sally ride.” Ghost Blasters™ has been a successful product for Sally, with over 10 parks housing versions of the attraction. While the ghostly theme remains, no ride is exactly the same. OWA’s iteration will encompass the best scenes and gags of past versions, plus the addition of a few new surprises. Four-passenger ride cars will take riders through 13 whimsical and spooky rooms of the haunted mansion, all rendered in glowing, surrealistically colorful ultraviolet paint. “It’s a vibrantly distinct cartoonish look that screams fun!” exclaims Drew Hunter, VP of Creative Design at Sally. Riders will use their Ghost Eradicators, otherwise known as “boo-blasters” to dispel the mansion of Boocifer and his ghostly cohorts. With over 90 targets in a 3 minute ride experience, the gameplay is sure to wage competition among friends and families visiting the Alabama park.

Hunter explains, “Ride repeatability is a major goal of any of Sally’s interactive dark rides, and a huge amount of the repeatability is due to the competitive element. No two guest experiences will be quite the same, depending upon the guest’s boo-blasting skills and how many points they accumulate. It’s always fun for guests to see if they can out-score the others in their vehicle!”

Access to the ride will be included with the purchase of daily admission to The Park or a Season Pass. For more information on Park attractions, go to VisitOWA.com/Park-At-OWA