The Sally family experienced an unexpected loss a few weeks ago with the passing of our dear friend and former coworker, Ali Miruku.As a tribute to this talented artist and wonderful man, we decided to refurbish a beautiful piece of artwork that Ali had created in 2007 for Beaches Animal Clinic. The piece was a beautifully sculpted Pegasus, a winged stallion from Greek mythology.

Sally Pegasus Refurb
Vandalized Pegasus Statue

The statue stood as a Beaches landmark for over 50 years.  The clinic opened in 1959.  The first Pegasus was added to the grounds in 1961 and became a familiar site to residents and visitors."We actually have people come to Jacksonville Beach from out of town and come to our clinic just to look at that statue," owner Bill Daniel has said. Ali's 2007 version was absolutely stunning until it was vandalized and nearly destroyed last November. Our donation, in Ali's honor, was to bring Pegasus back to it's original form, repairing the left wing and front leg. Beaches Animal Hospital, with the help of outpouring donations from the local community, decided to make some additional refinements by having us elevate the stand and improve the structure as a whole.

SallyCorp Pegasus Install

The Sally team installed the white winged horse named "Sir Pegasus III" this week and passersby will now see the beautiful art that Ali left the world.

SallyCorp | Pegasus