Twokey the toucan

He may be naked, but Twokey the Sally toucan is ready to show what he's made of at Jacksonville's premiere One Spark festival that began yesterday and runs through Sunday in Downtown. One Spark is a five-day event for creators. From April 17 - 21, 2013, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators will display projects in a 1.5 mile radius, multi-venue gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. One Spark is a belief that game-changers emerge from dorm rooms, garages, and small studios. It’s the community behind great ideas. It’s your chance to submit and decide on the next big thing. It’s the opportunity to get involved, be inspired, connect and collaborate. This week, creators from all over the world will showcase ideas and projects to connect with a $250,000 crowdfund, $1 million in capital investments, and immediate individual contributions. All via live, on-site voting.

SallyCorp Animatronic Man

One Spark venues will be made up of nearly anywhere and everywhere in the urban core. You'll find Twokey performing for the visiting crowds at the ROBAUTO display at CoWork Jax,5 West Forsyth St. (the corner of Forsyth and Main).  His equally naked human friend, will be given a head and clothes before being shipped to Turkey following the event. But for the next few days, you can see all the elements that make Sally's animatronics run...on display during One Spark.   Don't miss the excitement. Check out all the creativity. Be inspired.