The numbers keep growing!

Mid-season 7 premiere had a chart-topping 15.9 MILLION viewers. The Walking Dead continues to take the lead as the #1 show on TV for the 5th year in a row. Sally Corporation is in collaboration with AMC to bring the dead to life in the form of a dark ride. Everyone is anxious to see who will claim this thrilling attraction as their own. For now, allow us to wet your appetite with some scene concepts that could soon become a reality...

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Dark Ride Facade[/caption]

Terminus...Safe Haven or Torture Palace? Times are hard in the apocalyptic streets. The more supplies you capture, the less likely you will become cannibalized.

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Hershel's Farm[/caption]

We all have the same haunting memories from Hershel's farm. I spy a familiar little girl in the background...

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Prison Shootout[/caption]

With all those that have come and gone, there's sure to be some left behind supplies at the prison.

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Thrill[/caption][caption id="attachment_4140" align="aligncenter" width="940"]

Winners[/caption][caption id="attachment_4139" align="aligncenter" width="940"]


That's right, 2 possible endings makes this game a serious one. Where will the road end for you?


Extra ride details revealed in video

One thing is for certain.. fans are pumped the demand is high for The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival. Your parks are listening, so let your voice be heard! Tell them where you want to see The Walking Dead come to life #DarkRideIt #TheWalkingDeadDarkRide #TWDBattleForSurvival