AdLabs Imagica Open Now

A new major park development located ninety miles south of Mumbai, India, called AdLabs Imagica, celebrates its grand opening this week.  The park features two dark rides with exciting ride systems from Sally Corporation and Gosetto of Italy.

Curse Of Salimgarh

“For many years now we have been dreaming of a dark ride with a drop," says Sally CEO John Wood. "AdLabs' haunted attraction Curse of Salimgarh provided us with the ideal opportunity.” The ride's six- passenger custom vehicle traverses 248 meters through eerie apparitions and haunted hallways until it slowly makes its way up a ramp to the second level, continuing until the surprising final scene where the floor seems to fall out from underneath the car and the vehicle drops four meters in a rapidly moving elevator. The elevator element was produced by Premiere Rides, a well-known American roller coaster manufacturer from Baltimore. “Recently, there have been a number of exciting roller coasters with drops that have been extremely popular” Wood says. “We believe this component will add a substantial thrill to an exciting attraction.”


The other ride system that Sally produced for AdLabs will be featured in the Alibaba interactive attraction. This four-passenger system rotates while people compete in an interactive target game experience. The ride vehicle is designed to look like a flying carpet and the shooters are fashioned after turn of the century flintlocks. Sally is responsible for not only the ride system but also the interactive devices in this attraction.

Alibaba ride car

        The park has been under construction for the past year and a half. “It is the first major theme park development in India. They hope to attract 3.5 million people per year to their Universal Studios–like park.” says Wood.