New attraction is an incredible immersive ride experience unlike any other

Sally Dark Rides, the globally recognized creator of family ride experiences, celebrates the grand opening of “Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence” the world’s first Uncharted “dark coaster” attraction, now open at PortAventura World in Tarragona, Spain. Based on the box office hit film, the thrilling coaster is the result of a first-ever collaboration between Sally and Intamin, both renowned manufacturers of theme park attractions. Together the companies developed an all-new chapter for the globally recognized Uncharted brand. Drawing from Uncharted’s theme of exploration, treasure hunting and adventure, the incredible new attraction features elements never before experienced on a roller coaster.

Uncharted coaster elements include:

• The world’s first indoor quintuple/fivefold (5x) LSM launch coaster

• The world’s first sideways launch

• Europe’s first side drop on a coaster

• Europe’s first coaster drifting maneuvers

• Spain’s first “Cliffhanger” backward freefall element

• Spain’s first backward launch

• Spain’s first launched spike element

To fully immerse guests in the Uncharted story, Sally produced an exclusive storyline that takes place in the fictional town of Penitence located in PortAventura’s Far West themed land. Sally’s creative vision places guests directly in the center of an exciting, action-adventure story alongside the movie’s main characters, Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer, and Victor “Sully” Sullivan, and together they all seek lost treasure of the Aztecs.

Sally’s talented artists and installers spent the past two years hand-crafting Uncharted, ensuring the complex audio-visual systems, special effects, projections and media, lighting, and advanced animatronics all came together seamlessly to bring the story to life while maximizing Intamin’s unique coaster layout. The Uncharted experience begins the moment guests enter the queue. Guests immediately become active participants in the Uncharted story as they are quickly pulled into fantastical locations, battle with bad guys, and solve puzzles to find hidden treasure.

We are excited to open Uncharted for our guests. Uncharted features state-of-the-are technology that has never been experienced on a theme park dark ride. Together, Sally Dark Rides and Intamin have helped ensure guests of all ages will continue to visit our park for many years to come.
- David Garcia, EVP and Managing Director | PortAventura World

For more than 45 years, Sally has developed rides around that world. With extensive experience working with intellectual properties representing some of the world’s most beloved brands, developing a new treasure-hunt storyline featuring Uncharted’s characters provided the perfect next opportunity. By partnering with Intamin, Sally was able to apply its storytelling skills and craftsmanship in new ways and fully complement the exclusive new thrills Intamin brought to the coaster’s development.  

We are so proud this incredible collaboration. In 2019 we created and developed Sesame Street: Street Mission for PortAventura. We are honored to once again partner with the park’s team and bring our first ride collaboration with Intamin to life. Uncharted is unlike any other attraction and an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
- John Wood, chairman and president | Sally Dark Rides

Now open at PortAventura World, Uncharted continues Sally’s tradition of creating amazing dark ride experiences for theme park fans of all ages. Here is a first look from opening weekend.