Sally Dark Rides Debuts New Garfield's Underwater Adventure at IAAPA 2019

Garfield's Underwater Adventure is an interactive, 4D, cartoon style, family-friendly dark ride! Riders go on an adventure with Garfield, Jon and Odie as they travel underwater, trying to collect the contents of their sunken lunch basket! The ride is the perfect mix of practical and virtual, blended together seamlessly.

Ride details:

Ride System: (10) 6-passenger, yaw enabled,dual-dispatched ride vehicles

Duration: 3:45 long (225 seconds)

SPFX: scent machine, in-car audio and lighting, animated scene lighting

Facade: 4 animatronics (Garfield, Jon, Odie and Fish) that talk to guests

Queue: 3 animatronics (Garfield, Jon and Odie) with multiple movements. The queue is themed as a submarine interior with multiple TV monitors to deliver the story, mission and game strategy.

In the Ride: There are 5 large, interactive 3D projection screens, 3 animatronics of Garfield, Jon, Odie and 12 animatronic Underwater Sea Friends (Crabs, Clams, Jellyfish).

Scenic: There is approx. 900 square meters of scenic theming. Approximately 40% is architectural (submarine interior, sunken pirate ship, etc…), 60% will be organic (coral reef, sand,plants, etc…)

IAAPA Service Awards:

Congratulations to 2019 honorees, Greg O’Neill, Geoff Chutter and Ash Smart, who were recognized for their outstanding dedication and passion for the industry. We are also very proud of Sally's own, Lauren Wood Weaver for being appointed incoming Chair of the IAAPA Service Awards Committee.

Meritorious Service Award winner: Ash Smart

Outstanding Service Award winner: Geoff Chutter

Greg O’Neill honored with the Lifetime Service Award

And surprise guest Shaq was there for all the action – and to give some Carnival Cruises away!

Sally's Annual Happy Hour kicked off Thursday evening
Our feature guest : Dick Knoeble

Fun with friends at Universal during IAAPA Celebrates

Thanks to everyone who came by for the best show yet!