Dark Ride “Volkanu” Offers First Look at the New Park’s Mythical Island Storytelling

Sally Dark Rides, a leading creator of family ride experiences around the globe, unveils plans for “VOLKANU -- Quest for the Golden Idol,” one of the first major attractions to debut at the new Lost Island Theme Park, currently under construction in Waterloo, Iowa.

The dark ride will be housed inside the park’s large, iconic Volcano structure, just west of the park entrance. Volkanu is the park’s anchor attraction, custom designed by Sally Dark Rides. This thrilling dark ride appeals to the competitive spirit in guests of all ages. The powerful storytelling seamlessly intertwines with Lost Island’s mythical island theme, showcasing the element of fire in tremendous grandeur.

The new attraction features state-of-the-art, multi-level gameplay technology that has something for everyone. Riders will experience a four-minute showtime full of interactive 3D imagery, dynamic scenery, animatronic figures and dazzling special effects. 

“At Sally, we strive to create immersive, engaging experiences for families. That’s what made our partnership with Lost Island Theme Park a perfect fit,” says John Wood, CEO/Chairman of Sally Dark Rides. “There’s incredible thematic storytelling in this park. It’s truly going to transport families into a magical land. We’re focusing on every detail of Volkanu to bring that story to life for guests to enjoy for years to come.”

Designed to create a seamless experience with the park’s mythical island theme, the ride is inspired by the great god of fire Volkanu - a legendary bestial being of molten rock living deep inside Lost Island. The experience will take riders on a thrill-packed adventure to locate the sacred Ora-Tika statue, responsible for keeping Volkanu dormant, and return it to the altar to restore peace to the island. Guests will be equipped with a powerfulThermal Blaster as they battle with the minions of Volkanu and head to theTemple of Fire to return the statue to its altar. 

The 159-acre Lost Island Theme Park is currently under construction across Shaulis Road from the Lost Island Waterpark and Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. For years the Bertch family has been developing expansion plans to transform their Waterloo, Iowa location from a regional water park to a destination resort by transforming 159 acres of farmland into a brand-new theme park. The masterplan developed by BDR Design Group out of Cincinnati, OH shows the park divided into five different “realms” (lands) that have backstories and elements that all tie together. Each realm will include a variety of rides and attractions designed to immerse guests into the stories of those lands.

“The team at Sally is the best of the best. They’ve created a thrill-packed adventure ride with Volkanu that’s sure to become a fan-favorite at Lost Island,” said Eric Bertch, owner of Lost Island Waterpark. “The new theme park builds on the magic we created with our waterpark for an all-new, immersive experience. With rides like Volkanu and many more to come, we can’t wait to see the excitement on families’ faces on opening day.”

Installation of Volkanu began October of 2021. The dark ride is slated to debut at the park’s grand opening in 2022.