This key organizational position requires an entrepreneurial directed person with a positive “can do” attitude who has a successful record of accomplishments using the Personal Competencies described below in the categories entitled Leadership, Operations and Interpersonal.

The three critical success factors for this position are:

1.  Bottom line performance in accordance with budgets and objectives established by the CEO and board of Directors including preservation of capital funds invested in the company.

2.  Smooth effective operations monitor, track and deliver quality products to customers as promised and on time.

3.  Review and monitor all purchase agreements, contracts, and subcontracts to ensure corporate compliance and contractor performance and proper administrations.

Personal Competencies:


Recognizes and effectively manages key functions that enable the oversight and priority of critical issues within the organization including: oversight of IT systems through a proficiency of desk top computing, spread sheets and power point presentations.

Oversight of balance sheets and P & L statements through prior experience of Quick books (preferred) or other similar accounting software.

Participates in the development of short and long term goals with strategies to insure adequacy of all required resources.

Determines staffing requirements and competencies. Researches and establishes evolving qualifications to ensure current program needs for effective recruitment.

Establish policies to ensure adequate management development ensuring capable management succession.

Anticipates, addresses and solves problems effectively.


Identifies and establishes operating policies and processes that effectively support and enhance workflow, insuring their satisfactory execution.

Appraises and evaluates the results of overall operations regularly and systematically and keeps the CEO informed.

Ensures that all activities and operations are performed in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and laws governing business operations.

Directs the development and establishment of adequate and equitable personnel policies throughout the organization including compensation and employee benefit plans.


Creates a corporate climate of trust, acceptance and respect by providing developmental paths.

Generates enthusiasm and commitment.

Communicates ideas, facts, feelings and concepts clearly in writing and conversational interaction, ensuring satisfactory information flow thereby solidifying management control and direction of the company.

Develops and maintains effective working relationships, creating a teamwork environment to achieve company goals.


Individual must have 10 years of professional corporate experience with a minimum of 5 years desired of executive level management in a currently viable amusement park industry. BA or BS degree minimum, MBA preferred.

Additional Application Instructions

Please send your resume to Dr. Chuck Coker at