We decided to visit our neighbors at Six Flags Over Georgia where our fifth installation of JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis was finishing up. Many of the artists, mechanics and engineers whom have been key in bringing these projects to life, had never seen the dark ride in its completion. Days before the parks opening and the grand opening of JUSTICE LEAGUE, we graciously received the VIP Six Flags treatment! Starting out with mouth watering BBQ (still thinking about that potato salad), a ride through one of Six Flags only and oldest dark rides, taking down the joker with the JUSTICE LEAGUE, followed by a walk through the attraction to see how all  the moving parts came together in a beautiful masterpiece.

Superman Six Flags


After a 5 hour bus ride we were happy to see this southern spread!

Sally Corp Team at Six Flags
Sally Employees Monster Manson

Monster Mansion-

Sally Employees Monster Manson
Sally Employees Monster Manson
Chili Cook off

Feel that hot breath!

Chili Cook off
Chili Cook Off

Lots of debauchery taking place. Our kind of party!

Kissing Booth Animatronic
Sally Corp at Six Flags
Sally Corp at Six Flags
Sally Corp at Six Flags Justice League


Sally Corp- Justice League
No lines justice league

Best part of all...NO LINES

John Salisbury standing with his 5th Cyborg creation.

John Salisbury standing with his 5th Cyborg creation. Proud dad moment!

Sally Corp-armed and ready

Armed and ready

Sally Corp-dark ride smiles

All smiles coming out of their first (of many) rides

When the lighting and audio is off and everything is still, the ride changes form and the memories of all the hard work put into each element start coming back.