House of Nightmares

Sally Corporation's all new haunted attraction, House of Nightmares, is set to open in 2015 at Gröna Lund, the world renowned amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden.  This terrifying new attraction will bring visitors face-to-face with the evil Dr. Morphio in his old dark house where horrific nightmares await. Specially designed for Gröna Lund, this one-of-a-kind walk through attraction will feature animatronic characters and props, CGI video effects, live wire illumination, video projection, Pepper’s Ghost illusions, ultraviolet illumination, and live performers. John Wood, CEO of Sally Corporation says, “The House of Nightmares has been an exciting and challenging project for both Sally and Gröna Lund. As with many of our projects, we first entered into an exploratory Design Development agreement to develop concepts that we thought would work well in the facility and in Stockholm. Our team came up with numerous themes of which three were selected to explore in greater detail. Eventually, the House of Nightmares was picked as the best one to scare the fool out of the park's guests. We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with such a fine group of professionals and with such an historic and remarkable park as Gröna Lund. The attraction is a complete redevelopment of a classic walk-thru haunted house...guaranteed to bring out your worst nightmares!”

Doctor Morphio

As visitors approach the exterior of an old Victorian mansion, large video screens, special effects, lighting and sound will help set the mood for the terrors that await inside.  Scenic elements will enhance the back story of Dr. Morphio and his hideous experiments. As they enter, visitors are immediately immersed in the story Dr. Morphio, an American scientist who specialized in the nature of human subconscious and the nature of dreams.  It was in the late 1940’s, the formative years of television, when Dr. Morphio hosted a program entitled “DreamLand” during which he would interpret the dreams of guests on his show.  However, at the height of his fame, his TV career came to a sudden halt when it was revealed that his personal research had become highly unethical and thoroughly illegal.  The public was shocked to discover that he was conducting experiments on human subjects in which he attempted to forcibly extract their dreams from their minds and bring their nightmares to life. “Together with Sally Corporation, Gröna Lund will create one of the worst horror experiences of its kind. Through advanced technology and special effects, we will challenge all our visitors' minds.  We are currently discussing what the age limit should be for the House of Nightmares as this horror experience is not for everyone”, says Peter Osbeck, Ride Manager at Gröna Lund.

Your Worst Nightmare Awaits

Drew Hunter, lead designer of the House of Nightmares attraction says, “As a life-long designer of all sorts of haunted attractions, working with both the Sally Corporation and Gröna Lund teams on the House of Nightmares has been one of the most creative and fulfilling experiences I've ever had. It's been a delight from the first trip to the park almost two years ago with Rich Hill and John Wood to develop several concepts for consideration all the way to the designing and building of the actual attraction. And the best part is knowing that this new walk-through show will be the most unique and frightening haunted house imaginable! Trust me when I say that when you visit Gröna Lund and experience the diabolical Dr. Morphio and his House of Nightmares, you won't believe all the living terrors awaiting you on the inside. And who knows? Dr. Morphio's nightmares may follow you home. They may invade your sleep. And you may wake up ----- screaming!”

Designed with an emphasis on animatronics and special effects, House of Nightmares is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. 

No one knows what to expect inside the Dr. Morphios abandoned House of Nightmares, but one thing is certain – something sinister lurking in the dark. Here's Drew Hunter, Sally's VP of Design, and lead designer on Gröna Lund's upcoming attraction, House Of Nightmares, to tell you all about it.