Singing and joking, laughing and roaring, nine life-size animatronic animals from Sally Corporation made their theatrical debut last month in Chimelong’s White Tiger Restaurant located in Guangzhou, China.  The appropriately titled, “Happy Legend in White Tiger Mountain”, has been deemed China’s first ever animal restaurant show and has received rave reviews from restaurant guests and the Chinese media.

Set in the hotel's iconic White Tiger Restaurant, the White Tiger Mountain entertains guests, primarily children, during the breakfast, lunch and evening dinner periods with songs, jokes, and stories told by Papa Tiger, the show's handsome central character, and even occasional words of wisdom from the ancient YeYe (Grandfather Tree).

 There are five shows: two eight-minute shows and three four-minute. In addition, children can interact with Grandfather Tree in-between shows by pushing a built-in handprint that activates him. He talks directly to the youngsters for between thirty and forty-five seconds each time. Shenanigans are provided by Rocky–the irrepressible tiger cub who appears and disappears unexpectedly via a stage lift hidden inside the cave–who is aided and abetted by his monkey friend, Ricky, who pops in and out from among Grandfather Tree's branches. Sally CEO John Wood just returned from the resort and stated, “We saw how popular our Great Wolf Lodge show had become in Canada and wanted this show to have the same effect in China.  White Tiger Mountain looked great in its wild and wonderful natural setting and the young patrons in the restaurant absolutely loved the show.  Mission accomplished.”

The White Tiger Mountain is now up and running at Chimelong Hotel; so if you're planning a trip to China, be sure to put Guangzhou on your itinerary.  In addition to the show, Chimelong Hotel has live tigers in one glass-walled atrium, flamingos and scarlet ibis in a second, a circus close by, an amusement park, a water park, and the not-to-be-missed Chimelong Safari Park, where the real-life Anna Koala and Papa Tiger's family live.

Although the show doesn't have quite the same effect without its lush foliage, take a look at the White Tiger Show prior to install at the Sally shop.  We included subtitles for those that do not speak Chinese.