Sesame Street: Street Mission Wins BIG!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to take home not one, but two awards for our latest dark ride installation - Sesame Street: Street Mission, which opened this year at PortAventura World.  The ride was recognized as Park World’s “Family Ride of the Year” and also received the European Star Award for “Europe’s Best New Ride”.  These awards honor all of those that poured their hearts into this ride - the Sally team, our partners, and all our dedicated subcontractors.  Congratulations to all!

About Sesame Street: Street Mission

This interactive dark ride that takes you on an exciting mission, traveling down Sesame Street in taxi cabs equipped with ‘Clue Collectors.’  You’ll get to help some of the most popular Sesame Street characters who are trying to solve a mystery.  

The Story: The citizens of Sesame Street baked the World’s Biggest Cookie for the Cookie Day Parade…but it has gone missing!  The event will have to be postponed unless we can help Detective Grover solve the mystery of ‘The Big Cookie Caper!’  We’ll follow a trail of cookie crumb clues down Sesame Street, collecting them as we go, trying to figure out where the Big Cookie is and who took it.  Only then will Cookie Day be saved!


Sally Dark Rides managed the entire project, created the ride concept and wrote the ride script.  Sally also designed the ride building, the "Sesame Street Taxi Cab" ride vehicles, the interactive "Clue Collector" devices and all technical elements including audio visual, show action and special effects.  We also built the animatronics, show action equipment and control racks.

Sally then oversaw our team of subcontractors, including: Henson Creature Shop (who worked with Sally's mechanical team to create those animatronic Sesame Street characters), ETF (who provided the trackless ride vehicles), Bon Art (who worked with our team to create the amazing CG animation and gameplay), Alterface (interactivity), BMorrow Productions (who worked with us to design the sets and scenery), Sim Leisure (who built and installed the incredible sets and scenery), RealD (for the 3D equipment), Ralph Alberts (who helped us fabricate the interactive devices), Strong MDI (who were our screen surfacing providers), Weigl (for show control), DCI (who created our unique show doors), Jon Baker Productions (who created the super fun musical score), Technilux (who was the lighting designer) and BOSE (who provided all of our audio equipment).

The first ride of it's kind

First time the Sesame Street puppeteer’s performances have been used to direct CG animation (Sally directed the performances).

First time Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and Sally Dark Rides have combined their talents to create animatronic figures.

First time Jim Henson’s Creature Shop has built puppets for a themed attraction.