Many members of our team have been working with us for years—some even for decades. One shining star of the Sally family is retiring after 28 dedicated years. Sheila Leonard, office manager and CEO assistant gives us a final wave as she rides off on her stallion into a relaxing retirement.

Sheila’s Time at Sally Dark Rides

Sheila stepped into her role at Sally as office manager and assistant to then president, Howard Kelley after responding to an ad in the Florida Times Union. Her favorite memories revolve around her coworkers. “Who could ever forget our month-end parties or those epic Christmas lunches? One of the most fun days of the year!

Sheila and retired Sally President, Howard Kelly
Sally Christmas 1999
“If you are fortunate enough to be a part of the Sally family, embrace it—I don’t think there is any other organization with the genuine camaraderie, trust, caring and respect for one another. And, we have a lot of fun!”

I will miss the people of Sally most. Some of my best friends are the people I met working here. It’s great to think back on how much we’ve all been through together, truly as a supportive family to one another,” said Sheila. “So many wonderful, crazy, fun times. And even during the sad times we all came together and helped one another through those tough days.”

Plans for the Future 

Sheila is a traveler at heart and already has a few trips in the works. Once the world opens back up, she’ll be ready to go. In addition, her grandkids, passion projects and side hobbies will surely keep her busy.

We are grateful for everything Sheila has done for us over the years and we will miss her dearly. She’s been such a vital part of our office team that I’m not sure we will know how to get by without her. Thanks for everything, Sheila!

Cheers! John Wood