Evolution of Nightmare

The development of The House of Nightmares for Grona Lund has been a long and extremely enjoyable creative process. Sally Corporation's mission was to use the existing building which housed the parks existing walk-through haunted attraction and transform it into a brand new and terrifying adventure. The old attraction opened in 1992 and has remained very popular over the decades since. During that time new gags were added which helped make the experience one of the better haunted park shows in Europe. And yet in 2013 the park management decided the attraction needed to be re-thought and re-imagined. Sally Corporation was chosen to do just that.

The Mission

In February 2013, Sally CEO John Wood, and designers Rich Hill and Drew Edward Hunter flew from Jacksonville, Florida to Stockholm to inspect the facility and to discuss ideas with the client. After many tours through the old haunted walk-though and much discussion, the Sally creative team presented Grona Lund with six different theme concepts. Those were soon reduced to three favorites. The Sally team went home and developed the three concepts and after several months returned to Sweden and presented them to the client.

Theme Concepts

The Grona Lund management carefully considered all three approaches and finally settled on one they thought would be a universal theme and one which would offer all sorts of ways to scare guests. Sally went to work and continued to develop the show as well as the host character who would act as a spokesperson for the attraction and bring some cohesion to the adventure. Thus Dr. Morphio was born! Once the theme and character was approved, Sally then created a concept booklet which illustrated the entire attraction scene by scene.

Concept Selection

After further visits to Grona Lund by the Sally Corporation design and technical folks and much more discussion with the client, the Sally design department proceeded headlong with the actual design and specification of the many set elements, animatronic characters and scenic treatments for the attraction.

Show Development

Technical aspects of the show were designed and equipment ordered, a lighting plan was developed, sound effects were created and an entire original musical score was composed. Even the insidious Dr. Morphio has his own dead-icated seven-note signature theme!

Layout & Design

And now all elements are ready to be installed. All of the Sally scenic and set pieces and animatronics are on-site in Sweden as is our Sally installation team. They are joining forces with the Grona Lund team to transform the old haunted house into one of the most imaginative, exciting, unique and totally terrifying walk-through experiences in any park anywhere!


So --- do you have bad dreams? If so, you'll soon be able to visit the macabre mansion of the diabolical Dr. Morphio only at Grona Lund. You'll begin by entering his forbidden laboratory where he will extract your worst dreams and bring them to horrifying life before your eyes. After all, the good Doctor wants to help you conquer your fears! And there is so much more.to see that you are guaranteed to be shocked and amazed! There's no doubt that all who survive -- er -- visit -- The House of Nightmares will agree that it will certainly be yet another Sally screaming success!

House of Nightmares