Amusement Today presents Lost Island Themepark with the esteemed Golden Ticket Award

The all-new Lost Island Themepark has been awarded its first Golden Ticket just a few short months after opening its doors to the public. Volkanu -- Quest for the Golden Idol made its debut earlier this year at Lost Island Themepark in Waterloo Iowa, and has since been recognized as the park's signature attraction, offering an experience unlike anything else for hundreds of miles. The new award-winning attraction is a Sally original creation, one which required dedicated efforts from many creative minds.  Drew Hunter, VP of Creative Design and lead designer of Volkanu, remarks:

This is a wonderful recognition and a superb testament to the creativity and determination of all who have worked so hard to make VOLKANU and the Lost Island Themepark a success!"
Above: Drew Hunter (left) proudly stands with Lost Island Themepark owners, Becky and Gary Bertch during the Golden Ticket award ceremony September 10, 2022

About Volkanu – Quest for the Golden Idol: This interactive dark ride is housed inside the park’s large, iconic Volcano structure, serving as a beacon to the Mura Realm at Lost Island. Once aboard, riders will experience over five minutes of showtime chock-full of interactive gameplay, 3D media, breathtaking scenery, animatronic figures, and immersive special effects.

The Story: Designed to create a seamless experience with the park’s mythical island theme, the ride is inspired by the great god of fire Volkanu - a legendary bestial being of molten rock living deep inside Lost Island. The experience will take riders on a thrill-packed adventure to locate the sacred Ora-Tika statue, responsible for keeping Volkanu dormant and return it to the altar to restore peace to the island.

Project Scope: Sally Dark Rides managed all aspects of the attraction. The story, ride design, fabrication, and installation were accomplished on time for the season opener in June 2022. Sally also designed the "Inferno Transport" ride vehicles, the interactive "Thermal Blaster" devices, and all technical elements including audio visual, show action, and special effects.  Sally was also responsible for the animatronics, show-action equipment, and control racks.

Ride Details:

  • Ride Time: 5 minutes, 11 seconds
  • Capacity: 327 PPH (66-second dispatch)
  • Vehicles: 4 six-passenger, ETF trackless
  • Scenes: 14 including pre-show and load