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Privacy Statement

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We want you to get the most out of our Sally Corporation site and to trust that we make every effort to protect your confidentiality. Personal information is neither requested nor required on, and, to verify your identity or qualify your use of the site. The amount and type of information received depends on information you voluntarily include in communicating with us. The information may be stored and used in order to enhance our relationship with you. It will never be sold, bartered or traded to other parties.

Please take a few minutes to read our complete privacy statement so you can understand how information is used and the specific measures we take to protect your personal information. This page describes the policies of our company regarding any information we receive from you, while visiting, or

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information

There are instances where Sally Corporation requests personally identifiable information to provide site visitors with a service. This information, such as name, mailing address, email address, and type of request, is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the request, as determined by Sally Corporation, to fulfill your needs. To reiterate, all information you provide is used to improve the services offered by Sally Corporation or to respond to your specific request. This information may also be provided to our agencies for use on behalf of Sally Corporation in accordance with our proscribed privacy statement. However, it is never provided or sold to any other company for that company’s independent use.

What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small line of text that is stored within your browser when you visit a cookie-enabled website. As you browse the Web, cookie-enabled sites will send cookies to your browser, along with pages. Your browser probably has options that will let you control whether the browser accepts cookies, rejects cookies, or notifies you each time a cookie is sent to you., and do NOT use cookies.

Electronic Mail Containing Personal Information

Website users may decide to send Sally Corporation personally identifying information via email. We will use this information for the purpose identified in the email message and to enhance our understanding of you in order to improve our services to you.

Privacy Statement Revisions

A revised privacy statement will only apply to data collected subsequent to its effective date on this version of the web site. Any revisions will be posted at least 7 days prior to its effective date. New versions of this web site may have a new privacy statement effective with its launch.