With an award-winning background in art, theater, and music, Hunter leads Sally’s full-service design department in the creation of characters and story. He oversees a team of designers, sculptors, scenic and finish artists. Hunter is a fine arts graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana with post-graduate studies in Rome. He has worked as a show designer, muralist, scenic artist, illustrator, fine arts painter, playwright, and actor. His experience includes: designer for Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums, wax museum creative director, president of Vorta, Inc. and even television’s Bozo the Clown. Hunter is a founding member of the International Association of Haunted Attractions. Hunter came to Sally as a specialist designer in haunted attractions and was promoted in 2001 to department director.

Visit DrewEdwardHunter.art to see what kind of creations Drew is up to in his free time.

What does your job entail?

I work with the Sally Corporation Design Department in the development of many of our dark rides, walk-through attractions and shows, including ride & story idea development; ride or attraction layout; scenic, costume, character, sound/music & theme design; art & show direction; and final installation assistance

With Sally Since:

Since 1997 (20 years +)

What is your favorite project?

Dark ride: Vi Pa Saltkraken at Astrid Lindgren World in Sweden -- because it was the most challenging to develop theme-wise and to successfully create as a highly popular dark ride experience. The subject matter of this attraction is very near & dear to the people of Sweden, and it was a true honor to have been involved it its realization. Walk-through: House of Nightmares at Grona Lund in Sweden – because it was great fun to use my background in haunted entertainment to help create a 100% new & original story & theme & show inside an existing haunted attraction facility.

What is your favorite park?

What is your favorite Dark Ride?

What is your favorite 80's, 90's song or song in general?

The Finale of the Broadway musical Pippin

If you could be any animal in the world what would it be?

One of my cats. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered, adored & loved as much as I pamper, adore and love them?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who I am now.

What do you work toward in your free time?

Personal creative development in my art, my living environment and my social life.

Which storybook character do you relate to the most?

Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence of Disney’s Fantasia (1940): Just little guy trying to be magical in a chaotic, out of control world…

What is your favorite sport?

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

The Addams Family original TV series (1964 - 1966)

What is your special talent?

Inspiring people to embrace, engage and enhance their creativity.

What's next on your bucket list?

All overseas Disney theme parks; touring Paris; time in Rome & Venice; and anytime possible in New Orleans.